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Why is it that I continually find assists for the kitchen and seldom find any for the rest of the house? Today I’m considering what I do in the bedroom in terms of assisting my disabilities.

  1. Shoes, not slippers by the bed. I seldom wear what others would consider slippers. I wear Crocs. They are the only shoes that are easy to get into and cushion my feet. Frequently I wear them around the house all day. It isn’t until I go out that I put on my “aerobic shoes.”
  2. Keep as much by the bed as you can. Keep any of the small things you use frequently [nasal spray, dry-eye drops, emery board, book(s), tissues, night-time meds, etc] by your bed. This will reduce the number of times you have to get out of bed overnight.
  3. If you wear splints or compression gloves – set them out before you go to bed so you won’t forget them. (Yes, I have gleefully forgotten my compression gloves and not worn them, only to wake up needing them and having to seek them out.)
  4. Heat and Cold. I don’t respond well to cold packs when I’m in pain at night. My joints have never, ever, responded to cold packs. The only thing that responds to cold on my body is my eyes after an injection for my macular degeneration. [They need to make pills for that!] There are heat and cold packs available at your local pharmacy that can be activated by peeling off a backing or by pressing on a valve. I find it helpful to have one of the heat packs stashed near my bed.
  5.  Pillows and More Pillows! I find I need various differently sized and shaped pillows in bed with me or near enough I can reach it during the night. I find medium and large sized Plush toys are of great help (thank you, RA Warrior!). I also use different sized and different softness “dog-bone” pillows. I must have 20 of them around the house, but I do have 6 of them in or near my side of the bed. Thank goodness we have a King-sized bed!

I hope you get some ideas of your own from these suggestions. Please share in the comments!


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