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She had been dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 15 years. She had many of the complications known to affect RA patients. There are so many of them that most people don’t know or realize!

In addition to the joint degeneration, pain and swelling, there is cardiac involvement (pericarditis, congestive heart failure), lung involvement (interstitial lung disease, which leads to pulmonary fibrosis), higher prevalence of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and cardiovascular disease which involves a large spectrum of lesions, from rheumatoid vasculitis to atherosclerotic lesions.

My sister-in-law had developed many of the extra articular complications. Her heart, lungs and veins were involved. She was very brave. She went to the hospital for vascular surgery, and did not survive. No fault of the doctors. No fault to anyone. Her body was eaten up by this VILE disease, and Heaven was the only place she could find healing.

Lord have Mercy! Memory Eternal!


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Coping with Disability

Words from another person who is energy deprived! Wonderful post. Posted in a blog I follow. Thank you, Rugh, and thank you hearingelmo!

Hearing Elmo

Always such a privilege and joy to welcome guest writers to “Hearing Elmo”… especially those who have made an impact on my own life! Ruth’s blog can be found at: http://foxbuds.com/default.html  


Succeeding at being functional, in spite of major disability, requires acceptance, attitude control, and accommodation. For approximately a half year, the extreme energy challenges that defines my disability took a vacation. I went from using a wheelchair to walking a mile independently. My wheelchair was actually forgotten, and it sat unused for several weeks. Feeling so energized, I worked to increase independence and exercise. Walking in a nature park; to and from the mailbox (long city block of considerable elevation grade); to and from study groups and services at church; and during shopping became frequent occurrences. Even bi-weekly lap swimming was added to the exercise mix. Restricted time limits on activity seemed to have dissolved. I came to…

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