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These items are not all necessary. Only you know your needs, so I have provided as inclusive a list as I can think of. More items may be added in the future, and I am open to suggestions from you, my dear handicapped, differently abled, or disabled brothers and sisters (pick your preferred appellation).

Most products link to an Amazon location. I do have an Amazon Affiliate account. A few cents from each purchase come to me, but do not add to your price. If you object to that, then go to Amazon and search using the search term listed here.

Multi Purpose Soft Grip Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

Non-Adhesive Non-Slip Shelf and Drawer Liner, use to hold cutting board in place as well as opening jars and bottles by hand (NB: available in most grocery stores in the shelf liner shelves – usually less expensive than Amazon, but always check it out.)

Stand Mixer:
If you anticipate using a stand mixer a LOT for heavy stuff (I can make bread dough myself!) then I recommend the
Kitchen Aid – always look for a sale!
IF you only use a stand mixer occasionally, I’d go with a cheaper model, like the
Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer

Emulsion hand mixer

Electric jar/Electric can opener

Books to rest your elbow for stability while cutting

All Star Bamboo Cutting Board – Thick Sturdy Medium Sized – A larger, heavier board doesn’t move around as you cut on it, but if it is too heavy, and you don’t have much counter space, you may not be able to move it from here to there. If you prefer, a light-weight plastic cutting board can be used for most light and medium cutting. This set of 3 will fill most needs. The set description says it is non-slip. If you are using a plastic cutting board that does slip, this is where the non-adhesive, non-slip shelf liner cut to just about 1/2″ smaller on each side, will really help!

Long Micro plane , for zesting with stability

Electric vegetable peeler or an OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

Egg Slicer

Kitchen timer with large display and buttons, making it easier to read and set

Mini Food Processor or coffee grinder for chopping small amounts

Food processor

Electric Knife

Rocker knife

Plastic measuring cups – I recommend you get these at your local “large” grocery store. They are cheaper and more easily replaced. The ones with soft handle coverings I can use even on “hurting hands” days.

Plastic colander I do encourage people to investigate the OXO Good Grips products. While they are a bit more expensive than other brands, they were originally developed (if I recall correctly) by a man whose wife had RA. They certainly are easier to use than most other products.

Slow cooker – The Rival slow cookers have done best for us. Currently we have and use 3 different sizes: 2 cup; 2 quart; and 5 quart. It is so easy to just dump stuff in them in the morning and supper is ready when we are! “Zillions” of slow cooker (crock pot) recipes are available on the web for free, so I wouldn’t bother getting a slow cooker recipe book unless you are a cookbook collector.

Counter top fryer – now this is a NECESSITY! This is the one we have, and we use it all.the.time!

Barbeque fork , use this when hands are painful; hold in the bend of your arm, use chin for stability.

Large handled ladles and serving utensils with thick handles for easy gripping

Portable Rolling Wire Shelf Wood Top Kitchen Storage Trolley for moving heavy items, for example, pots of water from sink to stove, serving bowls and platters from kitchen to dining area. This one is a steal! If Himself had not been such a great woodworker when we were redoing the kitchen, I’d have gotten this for us. But Himself built a lovely Birch counter-top table that is perfect for sitting together in the kitchen and having Fondue, or waffles, or Bagna Cauda, or other things that require eating in the kitchen!

Lightweight bamboo steamer for steaming vegetables or fish. When you steam items, you should use parchment paper as a liner. This will make cleanup easy–just rinse the steamer with hot water, and air dry (don’t soak in water for an extended period).

A long pretty piece of material to hook through refrigerator and cabinet doors for easy opening. You can also use a kitchen towel. If cabinets have knobs, wind a slender rope around the base, once or twice, then knot  

Two step Step stool with rubber treads and a back bar to grasp when climbing

Thick handle pizza cutter or pastry wheel for cutting dough

Marble cheese cutter with a wire handle for cutting cheese , found in most kitchen stores

Chair for resting when you need that must needed break .

Hands free telephone, like a Bluetooth for your cell; you know it will ring when your hands are a mess.

Apple corer / slicer for cutting and coring of apples , potatoes, and other vegetables

Mango corer

Pineapple corer – unnecessary; you can get your fresh pineapple cored and skinned at the grocery store. They will also slice it the thickness you prefer if you ask!

Electric juicer

Hanging pot rack or wall hooks to hang the things used most and of course pots – IF you have sufficient wall space, that is. If not, try to store pots, pans and skillets on shelves the right height that you do NOT have to bend over.

Hooks to hang pot holders and dish towels upon

Counter top Spice rack 

Lazy Susans for the inside of cupboards for everything from canned goods to dishes

Whenever possible use Ergonomic, lightweight cooking tools that have thick grips and non-slip handles.

Remember – if you have a suggestion, tip or an assistance hack or device, please let me know in the comments section!

Cheerio, y’all!


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