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Himself, bless his heart, is accompanying me to San Diego so I can speak at a small educational section at the annual American College of Rheumatology (ACR) meeting and educational sessions. Himself will be taking care of me – and I will be taking care of him. Most of our disabilities seem to “complement” each other, so I can help him and he can help me.

We will both be volunteering at the RPF, the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation, exhibit. We’ll answer questions about the organization and encourage people to join and become involved in our fight against Rheumatoid Disease (formerly Rheumatoid Arthritis). If YOU haven’t visited the website, please do. And join!

{More information about past meetings of ACR may be found on several posts at RA Warrior: HERE and HERE-2012A and HERE-2012B and HERE-2011A and HERE-2011B and HERE-2011C and HERE-2011D and HERE-2010A and HERE-2010B and HERE-2010C.}

A person with Rheumatoid Disease (PRD) has special things to consider when packing up and going anywhere. Today I started packing – that means I had to separate out the dirty clothes I need to take and to separate out the new clothes that I need to be rinsed out before being worn (or even packed!). Jewelry for each outfit. Shoes – clean? need to visit the shoe guy on Monday? Medications – a dosepak of Medrol is a necessity. I need to see about extra Medrol, and be sure I have enough of my other meds to get me through the trip. All this will take me 3-4 days!

Asking one of the kiddos to pick us up and drive us to the airport at that ungodly hour of 5AM!!

Saturday – take the cat to the Vet for boarding. Call TSA at Airport to give up assistance boarding (we’ll both need wheelchairs to the gate, and wheelchairs to meet us at plane in San Diego. Get to bed VERY EARLY on Saturday – have to be UP by 4AM on Sunday and leave at 5AM to be at airport by 6AM. Plane leaves at 8AM.

Crossing 3 time zones will be difficult east to west, but when we return on Thursday, it will be horrible going from west to east.

All this will leave us totally FLATTENED and we will need a minimum of 3-5 days to recover and recoup.



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