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Sorry I haven’t been posting much. My own RA flares, Fibromyalgia flares and severe fatigue have just kept me down for about 5 months, now.

But, I’m back, now, and want to share something from Wright Stuff. It’s a pan holder. It keeps a pan on the stove from moving as you stir it. Wow! What an idea?

It does work best on an electric stove, but if you are careful, you can use it with a gas stove too. Doesn’t matter which hand is weak, it works ambidextrously.

The only thing I would add is a lip or handle on the other side of the pot. Picking up a pot that size with food or liquid in it can be difficult. A lip on the other side facilitates picking it up without burning yourself (assuming you use a pot holder!) or spilling. 🙂

This is a great little accommodative device!


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